Standard and quality

Combination of tradition and innovation!

Motor oils and lubricants

Motor oils and related products intended for gearboxes and differentials, lubricating greases and special fluids

Base oils

Necessary for the production of high-quality motor and industrial oils as well as lubricating greases in accordance with the requirements of the world’s leading producers.


They are used as an impregnation agent in the candle industry, textile industry, rubber industry, packaging and for other similar purposes.

Special groups

Products that meet the requirements of the demanding market of extreme conditions with high temperatures and dust pollution and low temperatures and freezing

Private label

As an experienced producer, we offer a high level of expertise in „Private label“ solutions, in terms of product formulation, production and distribution, with a very wide range of products.

Toll blending

We offer optimal engineering solutions and maximum production quality, and the location of our plant in the heart of Europe allows our partners easier and faster access to markets.

A combination of tradition and quality

Knowledge and experience, along with constant improvements and customer care,
always result in top quality products.


More than 60 years of tradition, in combination with the latest production technology, ensure quality and leadership in the domestic market.

Oil Refinery Modrica products are renowned regional brands, also marketed in more than 16 countries.

Distribution network

Technology and quality

The most modern blending center allows for smaller batch production of special products,  i.e. in required quantities, on customer demand . This will certainly contribute to the expansion of the product portfolio of Oil Refinery Modrica, currently consisting of over 250 different products. 

Annual capacity of the manufacturing plant is 40 000 tons of lubricants.

The main advantages of the new blending center are supreme quality products, shortened production lead time, economical production, automatic and flexible production process, high production capacity as well as high level of environmental protection.

Testing laboratory

The strength of the testing laboratory lies in modern equipment and professional and trained staff, carrying out more than 180 various physicochemical, mechanical and electrical testing types.


Testing services include:

  • Testing of physicochemical characteristics of lubricants and coolants used in industry and traffic
  • Testing of mineral and raw materials-based products
  • Testing of glycol-based engine coolants
  • Testing of break fluids, lubricants, paraffin, industrial waters
  • Testing of  raw materials used in the manufacturing of these products, as well as of chemicals

Choose your product

Production program of the Oil Refinery Modrica is in full compliance with prescribed specifications, and has been granted approvals by world’s leading car manufacturers.