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Oil Refinery Modrica is one of the key actors in the production of lubricants in the region and Southeastern Europe, with more than 70 years of experience and tradition,  always being among the leaders in the field of innovations. We are number one manufacturer of high-quality engine and industrial lubricants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and the countries of the region. Our lubricants may be found on the markets of 16 countries throughout the world, including the markets of European Union, Russian Federation, Asia and North Africa. 

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Private label advantages

High quality technology under your brand



As a part of our client-support orientation, we offer solutions for private label according to customer demands. 



Our technical-expert, sales and marketing team will guide you through the entire private label development process As an experienced producer, we offer a high level of professionalism in terms of developing product formulation, production, and distribution, in addition to our extensive product portfolio. Guided by rich experience in the field of lubrication production and the performance of lubricants under operation, at the same time being up to date with global lubrication trends, we are in position to meet all requirements of our clients. 



Our most modern high-capacity production facilities and supremely equipped laboratory, accredited according to international standards, provide us with an opportunity to offer top quality products to our clients, with flexible delivery and wide selection of packaging available anywhere in the world.



High product quality is our primary objective, whereas possession of all relevant quality management certificates, fulfillment of environmental requirements, and the allocation of most significant approvals by renowned manufacturers of engines and equipment speak in favor of our business orientation.

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