Lithium grease

Meets specifications

ISO 6743/9, DIN 51825, DIN 51502, NLGI 1, 2, 3

Technical characteristics

Working penetration, mm/10
Dropping point, °C, min.
NLGI classification
ISO classification
DIN classification

These motor vehicle lubricant greases belong to the lithium lubricating greases group, specially formulated for lubrication of motor vehicle and agricultural machinery tribomechanical parts. They can also be applied in industry, for lubrication of machine assemblies exposed to severe operating conditions, such as shock loads, vibrations, etc. Such lubricant greases have good water resistance and adhesivity to metal surfaces, thus protecting them from corrosion. Improved lubricating film quality, composition consistency and good anticorrosive properties guarantee extended lubrication efficiency without the need for replacement. Applicable within the temperature range from -30°C to 130°C.

Autoplex 100/1 is recommended for lubrication in motor vehicles, agricultural and mining machinery exposed to the most severe operating conditions. It can also be applied in industry, for lubricating of machine assemblies exposed to harsh operating conditions, such as shock loads, vibrations etc.

The bearing capacity of the lubricating layer is increased by the addition of a friction modifier, molybdenum disulfide, with the addition of an additive to withstand increased loads. Molybdenum disulfide offers special advantages under certain lubrication conditions, especially where the grease is expelled from the contact surface by sliding or vibrating. In cases where lubrication is performed infrequently, molybdenum disulfide allows for extended lubrication times.

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